[Python-ideas] Modern language design survey for "assign and compare" statements

Mike Miller python-ideas at mgmiller.net
Mon May 21 12:43:45 EDT 2018

To clarify there were three main criteria, and one minor.  Newer, 
popular/becoming industry standard, and designed to address shortcomings in 
previous generations.  Finally, the limit of my energy when already working on a 

I also should have provided the link to the previous discussion.

When writing the first message I indeed thought a wiki might be better, because 
I'd undoubtedly forget to mention, or inaccurately state something.

Meta discussion:

While I do prefer the "as" version of assignment, I didn't enter into the 
inquiry to prove it better, but rather to find industry momentum, and had only 
some minor exposure to go/kotlin via their tutorials beforehand.

I did a similar thing when "f-string" design was debated.  At first I wasn't in 
favor of them handling expressions, but after doing a survey of other 
modern/popular languages found it was working well elsewhere and changed my 
opinion.  So it goes both ways, and I'm open to being convinced against my first 
preference and not heavily invested in it.


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