[Python-ideas] "Assignment expression" with function call-alike syntax

Kirill Balunov kirillbalunov at gmail.com
Wed May 23 14:13:59 EDT 2018

2018-05-23 14:19 GMT+03:00 Masayuki YAMAMOTO <ma3yuki.8mamo10 at gmail.com>:

> FYI, I found a package [*] which binds a value by function keyword (I'm
> not the author). Note that the package writes a value in the global (or
> raise an error if the name already exists in local) unlike your idea.
> [*] https://pypi.org/project/let3/
> --
> Masayuki

Thank you! Writing to a globals is an even more stripped-down version from
the inteded behaviour, for example it would not work in comprehensions at
all and would not work if function has the same local name. In fact
comprehension/generator cases are the least interesting for me. I just
wanted to minimize side-effects.

With kind regards,
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