[Python-ideas] Debugging: some problems and possible solutions

Hans Polak hpolak at polak.es
Thu Oct 4 03:41:48 EDT 2018

Good morning,

I read about a "time machine" debugger a long time ago. The debugger 
would collect all the information of all the calls and the programmer 
can just execute the code without breakpoints. Later, the programmer can 
follow the evolution of a variable until it reaches an erroneous value. 
I've never worked with that and it sounds really memory intensive, but 
the examples were quite interesting.

When you are in a loop, you want to break at a certain iteration.
When you are in a recursive function, you want to stop at the right point.


On 03/10/18 16:51, Jonathan Fine wrote:
> This thread is about debugging. I suggest we start by collecting
> problems and possible solutions. And that after about a week of that,
> we start discussing what we've gathered.
> We already have a problem and possible solution, provided by Eric
> Smith and Larry Hastings.
> <begin>
> TITLE: f-string "debug" conversion
> URL: https://mail.python.org/pipermail/python-ideas/2018-October/053956.html
> Writing
>      print('value = ', value)
> is tedious, particularly for more complicated expressions, such as
>      print('big_array[5:20] =', big_array[5:20])
> For f-strings, we add a !d conversion operator, which produces the
> text of an expression followed by its value. Thus, the two previous
> examples can be written more concisely as
>      print(f'{value !d}')
>      print(f'{big_array[5:20] !d}')
> </end>
> I suggest for the moment that we just gather problem-solution pairs,
> much as above. I think they'll be between 5 and 15 such pairs. I'll
> post one to the current discussion thread in an hour or so.
> And that after about a week, we move to discussing what we have.
> Finally, many thanks to Eric and Larry for their useful contribution
> to the important problem of debugging.

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