[Python-ideas] Standardising ASGI as a PEP

Andrew Godwin andrew at aeracode.org
Sat Oct 27 19:42:52 EDT 2018

Hi everyone,

I'd like to breach the topic of standardising an asynchronous successor to
WSGI - specifically, the ASGI specification I and a group of other Python
web developers have been refining over the past couple of years (you can
read more at https://asgi.readthedocs.io/en/latest/).

I'm unsure of the best approach to take for this, given a couple of factors:

 - Web SIG has been basically dead for at least two years and several
maintainers I know unsubscribed from it last time as things got toxic. It
appears to not be a good place to start this discussion, but maybe it can
be revived?

 - The specification as I would propose it is two or three parts - an
overall interface for asynchronous servers to talk to applications and then
a separate specification(s) of how to transport HTTP and WebSockets over
that. Would this be multiple PEPs?

I'd appreciate advice from you all on these questions as well as what you
think the best way to even approach something like "let's add a WSGI
successor" is.

My initial approach was to go away and prove something in real-world use
and across a variety of frameworks, and we seem to have got to that point,
and so now I would like to start making it more official.

I'm more than ready to take the specification we have and start prepping it
to land into the PEP repo for further discussion, but I wanted to check in
here first before jumping the gun (and besides, there's already plenty of
specs, write ups, and reference code to discuss the merits of this).

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