[Python-ideas] Implementing a set of operation (+, /, - *) on dict consistent with linearAlgebrae

Vladimir Filipović hemflit at gmail.com
Wed Oct 31 13:35:09 EDT 2018

Julien, would I be correct if I summarized the changes you have in
mind like this:

for dictionaries d1 and d2,
non-Mapping ("scalar") sc,
binary operation ⊛,
and unary operation 𝓊 (such as negation or abs()):

d1 ⊛ sc == {k: (v ⊛ sc) for k, v in d1.items()}
sc ⊛ d1 == {k: (sc ⊛ v) for k, v in d1.items()}
𝓊(d1) == {k: 𝓊(v) for k, v in d1.items()}
d1 ⊛ d2 == {k: (d1[k] ⊛ d2[k]) for k in d1.keys() & d2.keys()}

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