[Python-ideas] Executable space protection: NX bit,

Cameron Simpson cs at cskk.id.au
Mon Sep 3 23:32:36 EDT 2018

On 04Sep2018 13:26, Cameron Simpson <cs at cskk.id.au> wrote:
>On 03Sep2018 22:32, Wes Turner <wes.turner at gmail.com> wrote:
>>Can another process or exploitable C extension JMP to that data or no?
>See Stephan Houben's reply to your post: heap and stack on modern OSes 
>are normally NX mode already, and CPython objects live on the stack.  So in 
>that circumstance, no.

Pardon me, CPython objects live on the heap, not the stack.

Cameron Simpson <cs at cskk.id.au>

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