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Le 11/09/2018 à 02:15, Abe Dillon a écrit :
> [Steven D'Aprano]
>     It would be great for non-C coders to be able to prototype proposed
>     syntax changes to get a feel for what works and what doesn't.
> I think it would be great in general for the community to be able to 
> try out ideas and mull things over.
> If there was something like a Python Feature Index (PyFI) and you 
> could install mods to the language,
> it would allow people to try out ideas before rejecting them or 
> incorporating them into the language
> (or putting them on hold until someone suggests a better implementation).
That would be an almost-Python to Python transpiler, I love it! It would 
surely help a lot to explain and try out new ideas, as well as for 
domain specific needs. And having an index of those features could help 
a lot.
It would surely also help a lot with backward compatibility of new 
functionalities. Someone who would want to use a Python 3.9 
functionality in 3.8 (whatever his reasons) could use a shim from the 
index. Such shim wouldn't have to be as optimal or fast as the version 
that would be used in 3.9, but it could be functionally equivalent to it.

I'm just a bit afraid of the popularity that some of these experiments 
could get (like `from __future__ import braces` -> No problem!) and the 
pressure that could be made upon core devs to push the most popular 
changes into Python (popularity not being equivalent to sanity for the 
language and its future. There are many devs that want to code in one 
language the same way they do in others, which is often wrong, or at 
least not optimal).
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