[Python-ideas] Retire or reword the "Beautiful is better than ugly" Zen clause

Antoine Pitrou solipsis at pitrou.net
Thu Sep 13 09:52:30 EDT 2018

On Thu, 13 Sep 2018 09:16:17 -0400
Calvin Spealman <cspealma at redhat.com>
> I came into this thread reading the subject and thinking "over my dead
> body!" until I read your well-thought reasoning and gave even a little bit
> of thought to the idea.
> You're absolutely right and while I think its very unlikely to get enough
> support I do think it is a very good suggestion, totally reasonable, and
> that we *should* change it.
> I ask everyone on this thread being rude to please step back and try to
> look at the issue without your bias and knee-jerk reactions.

If you want to call other people rude, at least show a bit of courage
and spell their names clearly instead of casting mass ad hominem

And of course you are not free of bias yourself, and it seems you have
knee-jerk reactions of your own, so perhaps you could have avoided
posting this entirely.  Attack the arguments, not the people.



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