[Python-ideas] Improving fn(arg=arg, name=name, wibble=wibble) code

Michael Selik mike at selik.org
Thu Sep 13 11:12:53 EDT 2018

On Thu, Sep 13, 2018, 12:39 AM Anders Hovmöller <boxed at killingar.net> wrote:

> It seems to me this discussion has drifted away from the original
> discussion toward one where you have a chain of functions with the same or
> almost the same signature. This is interesting for sure but we shouldn’t
> forget about the original topic: how can we make it less painful to use
> keyword arguments?

Using keyword arguments is not painful. It's ugly in some unusual cases,
such as creating helper functions with nearly the same signature.

I try to avoid that situation in my own code. It sometimes requires a
significant design change, but I'm usually pleased with the results. If you
don't have the inclination to reconsider the design, it could be nice to
create a standard code pattern for these pass-through functions to make
them more beautiful.

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