[Python-ideas] Retire or reword the "Beautiful is better than ugly" Zen clause

Jacco van Dorp j.van.dorp at deonet.nl
Fri Sep 14 03:13:06 EDT 2018

My mom is the only one who ever called me any shade of beautiful. I think
we all know what that means.

However, if merely the word ugly being on a page can be "harmful", what you
really need is professional help, not a change to Python. Because there's
obviously been some things in your past you need to work through.

> Python and open source have always been more about things like
inclusivity and diversity than about excessive political correctness. I'm
sure the historical concepts of master/slave were so distant to the
handsome young men that developed the computer > science concepts that they
didn't expect to cause any naming conflicts.

And not the kind of inclusivity you hear about in [current year]. Open
source and related cultures never cared about diversity, they always didn't
care about who you were or how you looked, and solely judged you by your
work or contributions. I don't use python because Guido or whoever is such
a great guy and really worked hard, I use Python because Python is a very
useful tool for me.

Inclusivity for inclusivity's sake is a bad thing and kills communities and

Any charged context is not our problem - it's societies' problem. I'll
admit it's a bigger problem, but it's one we need to address through
elections, demonstrations, or other political means. Not by self-censorship.

Even aside, Python is a world-wide language. Not american or even european.
If we have to ban "Ugly" for american sensitivities, then perhaps we need
to ban a number of others for china's sensitivities. Where will it end ?
Nowhere, it'll keep going on forever. That's why i'm +1 for reverting the
master/slave removal PR's.

> There are also nationalist jokes about Dutchs. That also must be stopped!
Well, we just are superior ;P

(If I wanted to whine, though...."Dutch" isn't what we call ourselves.
Etymological, it's root is the same as our word "Duits" or the German word
"Deutz" (or something close), which means...German (Duitsland / Germany).
Since we had a war a bit ago where we were occupied, this makes Dutch sound
a lot like we'd still be under foreign rule by the nazi's. Terrible, huh ?
We call ourself "Nederlanders", which can't really be translated, as the
country name, translated as "The Netherlands", is already a multiple, so
the normal transformation like america -> american doesn't work very well.
Strangly, the Germans don't do this - they call us "Niederlanders", while
referring to themselves as "Deutschland".)
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