[Python-ideas] Retire or reword the namesake of the Language

Widom PsychoPath wofthep at gmail.com
Sun Sep 16 06:14:03 EDT 2018

Guten Tag,

I am Jack and I am grateful to see the efficiency of scientific
computing in Python.

However, What deeply saddens me is that the namesake "Python" has
unfortunately been derived from the title of the uncivilised British
jester troupe "Monty Python". This is something that deeply infuriates
me and is against the morals of my culture. Although humor is an
integral aspect of the life of an Untermensch, I believe that Python,
A language used as an interface to majority of Scientific computing
software should be renamed to something more suitable.

I hereby propose that the Language should be renamed to Cobra, after
the brilliant military strategist Cobra Commander , who has been
history's most efficient and brilliant strategist.

I hope that my message is not mistaken for an attempt to humor. I am
physically unable to experience the same. Please revert back to the
mail with your thoughts and constructive criticism.

Yours forever,
Jack Daniels

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