[Python-ideas] An experiment migrating bug tracker to GitLab

Karthikeyan tir.karthi at gmail.com
Tue Sep 18 13:27:48 EDT 2018

PEP 581 proposes the migration of bug tracking to GitHub issues. I have 
done a project to collect all issues in https://bugs.python.org. I have 
parsed the HTML data and migrated the issues to GitLab along with labels 
for issues and comments which is pretty much similar to GitHub issues. I 
have just added a comment from my account preceded by the Author name. I 
have migrated around 140 issues out of the 30000 issues for a 
demonstration. I can see some immediate benefits as follows which also 
apply to GitHub : 

* GitHub and GitLab support markdown thus code snippets can have 
* Labels can be filtered from the UI and are helpful for triaging.
* GitLab allows subscription for a label so that developers can subscribe 
for new issues in a label.
* There are categories like milestones and priority that can help in 
release management.
* They provide API and thus we can build integrations around issues.

Some notes : 

I haven't parsed code in comments to enable syntax highlighting since it's 
hard to parse.

Repo and feedback welcome : https://gitlab.com/tirkarthi/python-bugs/issues

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