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Michel Desmoulin desmoulinmichel at gmail.com
Wed Sep 19 09:40:42 EDT 2018

Le 19/09/2018 à 15:28, Chris Angelico a écrit :
> On Wed, Sep 19, 2018 at 11:23 PM Michel Desmoulin
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>> - A is telling B this is a bad idea. It should be easy to tell if the
>> person is experienced or not. You probably don't want to interact the
>> same way with Victor and Yury, that have done numerous contributions to
>> the Python core, and me, that is just a regular Python dev and don't
>> know how the implementation work.
> Hmm, I'm not sure about this. Shouldn't a person's arguments be
> assessed on their own merit, rather than "oh, so-and-so said it so it
> must be right"?

"Merit" is something hard to evaluate, having context help. If somebody
comes and says "this is hard to implement so I doubt it will pass", Tim
Peters does know better than the average Joe.

If somebody says, "I advise you to do things the other way around, it
works better on this mailing list". You will consider the advice more
strongly if the author has been on the list 10 years or 10 days.

Above all, if 2 people have opposite views, and that they both make
sense, having the context of who they are helping.

It's the same has if somebody gives you health advice. You do want to
listen to everybody, but it's nice to know who is a doctor, and who is a
somebody who repeats Facebook posts. It helps to decide.

> But if you want to research the people who are posting, you're welcome
> to do that. The list of core dev experts is on the devguide:
> https://devguide.python.org/experts/
> Translating those usernames back into real names would be done via BPO, I think.

This is a good summary of the problem with the list: you can do anything
you want, but it cost you time and effort. And since you have many
things to do, cumulatively, it's a lot of time and effort.

I read all the posts and answered 2 mails on the list today. It took me
40 minutes. And I have been on the list for a long time so I know how
the whole thing works so I'm pretty fast at doing this.

Who can spend a lot of time every day, and yet feels to be just barely
part of the discussion ? Who will take the time to do things right ? And
among those few people, couldn't they do more good things if we'd save
them time and energy ?

Let's make the tool work for the community, and not against it.

I agree that the mailing list is a great format for things like Python-dev.

However, it's not a good fit for Python-idea: we have reached the limit
of it for a long time. Most of the real decisions are actually taken
outside of it, with more direct channels in the small groups of
contributors. It slows down the decision process and it waste a lot of
good will.

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