[Python-ideas] Moving to another forum system where

Michael Selik mike at selik.org
Thu Sep 20 11:52:21 EDT 2018

On Thu, Sep 20, 2018 at 2:13 AM Stephen J. Turnbull
<turnbull.stephen.fw at u.tsukuba.ac.jp> wrote:
> Michael Selik writes:
>  > However, PEP 1 does not give instruction on how to evaluate whether
>  > that discussion has been completed satisfactorily.
> That's because completion of discussion has never been a requirement
> for writing a PEP.

Not for drafting, but for submitting. For my own PEP submission, I
received the specific feedback that it needed a "proper title" before
being assigned a PEP number. My goal for submitting the draft was to
receive a PEP number to avoid the awkwardness of discussing a PEP
without an obvious title. Perhaps PEP 1 should be revised to clarify
the expectations for PEP submission.

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