[Python-ideas] Moving to another forum system where

Richard Damon Richard at Damon-Family.org
Fri Sep 21 19:31:35 EDT 2018

On 9/20/18 9:45 PM, James Lu wrote:
> One of the reasons Guido left was the insane volume of emails he had to read on Python-ideas. 
>> A tiny bit of discussion is still better than none at all.
>> And even if there's no discussion, there's a name attached
>> to the message, which makes it more personal and meaningful
>> than a "+1" counter getting incremented somewhere.
>> Counting only makes sense if the counts are going to be
>> treated as votes, and we don't do that.
> I agree. I think this is good evidence in favor of using GitHub pull requests or GitHub issues- you can see exactly who +1’d a topic.
> GitHub also has moderation tools and the ability to delete comments that are irrelevant, and edit comments that are disrespectful. 
>> I hope that, if any such change is made, a forum system is
>> chosen that allows full participation via either email or news.
>> Otherwise it will probably mean the end of my participation,
>> because I don't have time to chase down and wrestle with
>> multiple web forums every day.
> +1, everyone should be accommodated. I believe GitHub has direct email capability. If you watch the repository and have email notifications on, you can reply directly to an email and it will be sent as a reply.
>> To solve the problem of tons of email for controversial decisions like :=, I don’t think GitHub issues would actually be the solution. The best solution would to have admins receive all the email, and broadcast a subset of the email sent, only broadcasting new arguments and new opinions. 
> Admins can do this “summary duty” every 12 hours on a rotating basis, where each admin takes turns doing summary duty. 
> This solution would mean a slower iteration time for the conversation, but it would significantly lessen the deluge of email, and I think that would make it more bearable for people participating in the conversation. After all, once a proposal has been fleshed out, what kind of conversation needs more than say 30 rounds of constructive discussion- in that case, if people reply every 25 hours, the discussion would be done in a month.
> For transparency purposes, all of the email can be made received for approval can be published online. 
Actually, since this is a Mailman list, all that needs to happen is to
turn on moderation. Every message is held in the moderation queue till
handled. If any of the people in charge think it is a useful message,
they release it to the list. If any of the people in charge think it is
a bad message, they can reject it (first to act wins). Probably need
someone to periodically review the messages that have sit for a bit and
make a decision on them.

Some trusted people can have their moderation status removed, and what
they post goes to the list immediately, and if they abuse that right, it
can be taken back.

Richard Damon

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