[Python-ideas] Simplicity of C (was why is design-by-contracts not widely)

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On Sun, Sep 30, 2018, 15:12 Stephen J. Turnbull <
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> Steven D'Aprano writes:
>  > (4) Inheritance
>  >
>  > Contracts are inherited, unit tests are not.
> What does "inherited" mean?  Just that methods that are not overridden
> retain their contracts?

Contracts are attached to interfaces, not to specifications. So when you
have abstract base class, it defines contracts, and implementing classes
must adhere to these contracts - the can only strengthen it, not weaken it.

This way the user code need pnly be aware of the specification, not the

So method that _are_ overridden retain their contracts.

This is precisely like with types, since types are contracts (and vice
versa, in a way).

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