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Fri Jan 4 18:14:54 EST 2019

> So you're saying we should prefer a future where it's an inconsistent mess?
> No. And please don't straw man. It's a very annoying argumentative tactic. I prefer a future where all caps aren't used. I understand that the change I propose won't magically transport us there, but I don't think it justifies encouraging all caps. As it is, the mix of all caps, camel-case, and snake-case IS and inconsistent and visual mess. Discouraging all caps will only result in a diminishing occurrence of all caps.

You mean it’s already an inconsistent mess? Hmm, maybe. I’d like to see some stats or something. You might be right! 

> it's.more important to have a standard than what that standard is. And we do have a strong standard today.
> I understand that there's a barrier to change, but there's also a circular logic to resisting change because adhering to a standard is good.

Agreed. It’s a tradeoff with the amount of time we spend in the ugly place between standards. Maybe it’s not so much time, or maybe it’s a minor annoyance and so it doesn’t matter how long we are in it. 

/ Anders
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