[Python-ideas] kwargs for return

Stephen J. Turnbull turnbull.stephen.fw at u.tsukuba.ac.jp
Sun Jan 27 06:28:00 EST 2019

Thomas Güttler Lists writes:

 > Example:
 >      status = backend.transmit_data()
 > But later you want to add something to the [API's return value].

Common Lisp has this feature.  There, it's called "multiple values".
The called function uses a special form that creates a multiple value.
The primary value is always available, whether the return is a normal
value or a multiple value.  Another special form is used to access the
secondary values (and if it's not used, any secondary values are
immediately discarded).  In Python-like pseudo-code:

    def divide(dividend, divisor):
        # A special form, represented as syntax.
        return_multiple_values (dividend // divisor, dividend % divisor)

    def greatest_smaller_multiple(dividend, divisor):
        result = divisor * divide(dividend, divisor)
        # Secondary values are not accessible from result.
        return result

    def recreate_dividend(dividend, divisor):
        # The ``multiple_values`` builtin is magic: there is no other way
        # to "see" multiple values.
        # It returns a tuple.
        # For keyword returns, have a convention that the second value
        # is a dict or use an appropriate "UnboxedMultipleValues" class.
        vs = multiple_values(divide(dividend, divisor))
        return vs[0] * divisor + vs[1]

But Common Lisp experience suggests

(1) if you want to use this feature to change the API, you generally
    want to do a full refactoring anyway, because

(2) the called function can (and often enough to be problematic,
    *does*) creep in the direction of *requiring* attention to the
    secondary values, can (and sometimes *does*) lead to subtle bugs
    at call sites that only use the primary value.

It's unclear to me that this feature can be safely used in the way
your example suggests.


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