[Python-ideas] Add list.join() please

Jamesie Pic jpic at yourlabs.org
Tue Jan 29 16:45:43 EST 2019

Thank you Jonathan, performance is one of the various reasons I prefer
join to assembles strings, than, say, triple-quote dedent'ed f-strings
or concatenation. It also plays well syntaxically, even though there
is still a little room for improvement. For example, in PHP
implode('-', array(2, 'a')) returns '2-a', and now that I think of it,
it's the only thing i regret from php's stdlib... And assembling a
string like that really looks like a common problem programmers face
every day of their journey...

The chuacong.site design for extratools documentation is really
beautiful ! I found the smartplit function but no smartjoin. On my
side I have requested comments on a PR in the boltons repo already,
let's see if they find refutation before proposing a smartjoin
implementation to extratools.

Would you recommend to release it on its own ? Ie. from implode import implode ?


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