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On Thu, Jan 31, 2019 at 4:59 AM Abe Dillon <abedillon at gmail.com> wrote:

> [Steven D'Aprano]
>> It seems strange that you are so worried about
>> the microsecond or so extra reading time it takes to recognize an
>> all-caps word, based on the "shape of the word" model, yet are prepared
>> to pay this enormous cost probably counted in multiple seconds: ...
> It seems like the fundamental problem you have is trying to find where and when a variable was last bound.
> I don't understand why your go-to solution to that problem is in the style-guide of a language. It doesn't seem at all
> related to style. It seems like the kind of problem that's completely in the wheel-house of an IDE. Does it not feel to you
> like you're relying on a style-kludge to make up for inadequate tools?
> Why perpetuate that? Why not demand more from your tools?

BTW if your IDE or editor supports rich text format styling you can
maybe tweak capitalized words to use other font or size.
I use UDL in Notepad++ a lot and it can do this - e.g. I use this
feature with C++ code to change type names to smaller compact font.
Though it requires the list with names of course. So that should be
possible in some other Scintilla-based editors i think.

AND YES all caps are annoying, especially long ones makes it hard to
read, it distracts attention all the time and breaks optical line
I need to use enums in Pythonscript plugin quite often and thats how it looks:


really annoying. good at least that method wrappers are lowercase.


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