[Python-ideas] PEP: Dict addition and subtraction

Rhodri James rhodri at kynesim.co.uk
Mon Mar 4 11:44:52 EST 2019

On 04/03/2019 15:12, James Lu wrote:
>> On Mar 4, 2019, at 10:02 AM, Stefan Behnel <stefan_ml at behnel.de> wrote:
>> INADA Naoki schrieb am 04.03.19 um 11:15:
>>> Why statement is not enough?
>> I'm not sure I understand why you're asking this, but a statement is "not
>> enough" because it's a statement and not an expression. It does not replace
>> the convenience of an expression.
>> Stefan
> There is already an expression for key-overriding merge. Why do we need a new one?

Because the existing one is inobvious, hard to discover and ugly.

Rhodri James *-* Kynesim Ltd

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