[Python-ideas] PEP: Dict addition and subtraction

Jimmy Girardet ijkl at netc.fr
Tue Mar 5 09:20:35 EST 2019

> Does anyone have an example of another programming language that
> allows for addition of dictionaries/mappings?

kotlin does that (`to` means `:`)   :

fun main() {
    var a = mutableMapOf<String,Int>("a" to 1, "b" to 2)
    var b = mutableMapOf<String,Int>("c" to 1, "b" to 3)
    println(a + b)
    println(b + a)
{a=1, b=2}
{c=1, b=3}
{a=1, b=3, c=1}
{c=1, b=2, a=1}
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