[Python-ideas] OT: about hasty posts from phones

Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer arj.python at gmail.com
Wed Mar 6 14:11:44 EST 2019

Sorry about adding a few words here, i know you are all more 'advanced'
programmers than me.

I just wanted to ask the list to keep threads informative. Just today i
decided to take the bulls by the horn and read the add dictionaries by
using the + operator. Midway, i asked myself if i was getting value from
reading each mail one by one.

I don't think i can use the lists as a hands-on reference (was not meant to
but could've been), it fits more as an nlp data sci project with data
cleaning and all.

I don't want an exact SO line though in the sense of absolutely no crap for
beginners would be scared away. The talking of it's members sometimes do
keep things lively. But for technical posts i think we can keep it to
technical points and avoid the like of

>> if we do this some trajic things might happen

> what do you mean by "trajic"?

and so on. Those create diversions in the road to understanding a topic.
For discussions posts like CoC update or whatever things off code, i think
there can be a little leniency.

I have only neen using python since 3.4, i have a lot to catch up and learn
from you all.


Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer
http://www.pythonmembers.club | https://github.com/Abdur-rahmaanJ
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