[Python-ideas] unittest: 0 tests pass means failure of the testsuite

Matěj Cepl mcepl at cepl.eu
Wed Mar 6 15:12:52 EST 2019


I am a lead maintainer of Python packages in OpenSUSE and I can
see the pattern of many packagers adding blindly

    python setup.py test

to %check section of our SPEC file. The problem is that if the
package doesn't use unittest (it actually uses nose, pytest or
something), it could lead to zero found tests, which pass and 
Python returns exit code 0 (success) even though nothing has been
tested. It seems from the outside that everything is all right,
package is being tested on every build, but actually it is lie.

Would it be possible to change unittest runner, so that when 0
tests pass, whole test suite would end up failing?

Thank you for considering this,


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