[Python-ideas] Make Python 2.7’s online docs optionally redirect to Python 3 online docs

James Lu jamtlu at gmail.com
Thu Mar 7 08:10:20 EST 2019

Rationale: When I use a search engine to google a Python question, I frequently get a link to a page of the Python 2.7 documentation that shows before the Python 3 documentation link. 

This is annoying and slows down my programming.

I propose: That we add a setting to Python’s online documentation that will optionally given that certain conditions are met, we redirect the user to the corresponding Python 3 documentation entry. The conditions:
- The Referer header is set to a URL of a major search engine (the Referer is the URL of the last page that whose link was clicked on to reach the documentation)
- The user has opted-in to this behavior.

(Conceptually this should be user script, but for the collective conscience of all python developers, a doc option would be better. )

I understand that some core devs might just have documentation downloaded and just use that, but a large portion of Python users  primarily use online documentation

James Lu

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