[Python-ideas] Code version evolver

francismb francismb at email.de
Thu Mar 14 16:58:46 EDT 2019

Hi Paul,

On 3/12/19 12:21 AM, Paul Moore wrote:
> That sounds very similar to 2to3, which seemed like a good approach to
> the Python 2 to Python 3 transition, but fell into disuse because
> people who have to support multiple versions of Python in their code
> found it *far* easier to do so with a single codebase that worked with
> both versions, rather than needing to use a translator.
Yes, the 2to3 idea was meant but for translations inside the 3 series
(from 3.x to 3.x+1).

Trying to keep a single code base for 2/3 seems like a good idea (may be
the developer just cannot change to 3 fast due how big the step was) but
that also have the limitation on how far you can go using new features.

Once you're just on the 3 series couldn't such 2to3 concept also help to
speed up ? (due the 'backwards-compatibility issue')


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