[Python-ideas] Code version evolver

francismb francismb at email.de
Fri Mar 15 16:34:58 EDT 2019

On 3/15/19 8:56 PM, Chris Angelico wrote:
> The same is true of books that discuss the language, blog posts giving
> tips and tricks, Stack Overflow answers, and everything else that
> incorporates code that people might want to copy and paste. What
> version of Python do you need? What's the oldest that it still works
> on, and what's the newest before something breaks it?
> Backward-incompatible changes make that EXTREMELY hard.
> Backward-compatible changes make it only a little bit harder, as they
> set a minimum but not a maximum.
>... that seems to be a use case for a function like, e.g.
"is-python-code(version-to-ask-for, code-snipped)" ;-) (Wanna search the
min. and max. python working points/ranges ? loop over e.g. 3.0 .. 3.X)


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