[Python-ideas] New explicit methods to trim strings

Steven D'Aprano steve at pearwood.info
Sun Mar 31 20:08:37 EDT 2019

Thank you, this is a simple, unambiguous proposal which meets a real need
and will help prevent a lot of wasted developer time misusing [lr]strip
and then reporting it as a bug: remove a single prefix or suffix.

This is a useful string primitive provided by other modern languages and 
libraries, including Go, Ruby, Kotlin, and the Apache StringUtils Java 





Regarding later proposals to add support for multiple affixes, to 
recursively delete the affix repeatedly, and to take an additional 
argument to limit how many affixes will be removed: YAGNI.

Let's not over-engineer this to be something which is ambigious and
complex. We can add more complexity later, if and when practical
experience suggests:

(1) that multiple affixes actually is useful in practice, not just a
"Wouldn't It Be Cool???" feature; and

(2) a consensus as to how to handle ambiguous cases.

Until then, let's keep it simple: methods to remove a *single* prefix or 
suffix, precisely as given. Anything else is YAGNI and is best left for 
the individual programmer.


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