Roadmap for ldapmodule

Federico Di Gregorio fog at
Thu Jul 27 11:48:56 CEST 2000

Scavenging the mail folder uncovered Michael Ströder's letter:

> Please, rename _ldap back to ldap and rename Fog's stuff to
> LDAPObjects, ldapobj, ldaplib or a similar name since Fog's stuff is
> not widely used or documented up to now.

standard for python extension written in C is _ldap in a
library. if you simply do an "import ldap" you automatically get a
"from _ldap import *" and all the previous code continues working.
**no need** to change a single line of code.

> 2. CVS (high priority):
> -----------------------
> The CVS repository is not very clear for newbies who don't know the
> history.
> ldap-module/
> Seems to be the old stuff. We should get rid of this directory
> completely to avoid confusion.
> python-ldap/ldaplib/
> python-ldap/ldapmodule/
> These both directories should be at top of CVS tree since the
> project is already called python-ldap. A sub-directory python-ldap/
> seems redundant if ldap-module/ is removed. BTW: ldapmodule and
> ldaplib should be distributed in separated release packages.

i agree.

> New directories applications/ and demos/ should be created for
> existing applications (e.g. Fog's lappo going into
> applications/lappo/) and small example code snippets for tutorial
> purpose going into demos/.

i would better like to keep code snippets and applications (lappo)
requiring ldaplib under ldaplib. else an user will download the C 
module and demos only and then write us the the demos do not work...

> 5. LDAPObjects (low priority):
> ------------------------------
> We have to review Fog's work (hopefully I have the time!) to
> establish a standard Pythonish, re-usable and robust class library
> for LDAP applications.

i agree (on the review part.) my work on LDAPObject is stalled mainly
because i received no input and (apart from lappo) i don't use my
own code very much (waiting for ssl, then we'll move all out ns to ldap
and will be a different story...)

> 6. Distributing with Python's standard lib (low priority):

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