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David Leonard david.leonard at
Thu Jul 27 13:51:19 CEST 2000

yep. the current CVS directory structure is indeed clumsy. it got that way
i think because some bad decisions were made (by me) early on, and with CVS, 
it is hard to rename directories. (i dont seem to have shell access to the
sourceforge machine with the CVS repository otherwise I would do a mv or six!)

i think using Python's own source tree structure as a basis would be best.
michael's proposed structure is quite similar to this in semantics, and I
liked it. renaming his to become consistent with Python's tree you get:


where Module/ contains .c files, Lib/ contains .py libraries, Demo/ contains
some sample apps and Doc/ contains .tex files for documentation. This seems
really reasonable to me.

Also I really don't think that this is the right place for applications.
unless you carefully describe such application as convenient ldap libraries :)
(which is what the core of fog's gtk code could possible be described as.)
otherwise, apps should be independent efforts (not too hard with sourcefogre)
or kept in the Demo/ directory.

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