patch to compile with OpenLDAP 2.0.7

Jeffrey C. Ollie jeff at
Fri Nov 17 16:56:25 CET 2000

On Fri, Nov 17, 2000 at 03:34:54PM +0100, David Leonard wrote:
> eg  ufn_search_s() might be #ifdef'd out and some python program that wants
> to use it will get a NameError when it tries to use it. A better exception
> would be NotImplementedError.

I don't have a huge problem with that.

> A similar problem arises with 'constants'.. I'm not sure what to do here..
> make all undefined cosntants equal None?

No, as this will cause problems that are harder to debug as None may
be a valid parameter in some cases.  If you let NameError exceptions
be raised you can immediately track down the offending reference.  I
don't think that adding code to raise NotImplementedError in the case
of undefined constants buys you anything but code bloat.

> also there should be some nice way of reliably determining the
> underlying library's api version ... maybe _ldap.api_version...
> any suggestions on how that might be done nicely are welcome.

LDAP_VENDOR_VERSION.  There are also some miscellaneous


P.S. Konstantin: I didn't receive a copy of your e-mail with the
patches, could you try sending it again?
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