Gregor Hoffleit gregor at
Tue Dec 12 15:49:27 CET 2000


>        * A new python-ldap-2.0 will be started, with an API that is likely
>          to be somewhat incompatible with that of p-l-1.10. In particular,
>          the following will be the major compatibility targets:
>                + Python-2.0 support (ie unicode)
>                + OpenLDAP-2.0 support (ie LDAPv3/LDAP-EXT)
> This means that people relying on v2 client/servers should be happy enough
> with a reasonably stable release.  And people wanting to live in the 3rd
> millenium should be happy with a version (relatively) free of legacy
> support.

When you write 'Python 2.0 support' and 'free of legacy support', does this
mean that this new version won't work anymore with Python 1.5.2 ?


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