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Tue Dec 12 17:50:07 CET 2000

Scavenging the mail folder uncovered Michael Ströder's letter:

> > In addition, I seek more comment on any more changes that the _ldap library
> > may need to support LDAPv3 connections. (Remember that the purpose of this
> > module is not to give an abstraction of X.500 directory services, but rather
> > to provide an abstraction of the LDAP C API.)
> I would like to stay as close as possible to the new LDAP-EXT API in
> OpenLDAP 2.0.x since this API already trys to give some level of
> abstraction (SASL for providing several authentication methods
> etc.).

i agree.

> Once again the things I would like to see:
> - LDAPv3 binding
> - proper support for search continuations (LDAPv3 referrals)
> - SSL and STARTTLS support
> - Access to schema functions (would save lots of work in Python
> applications)

mmm... what are schema functions? some time ago i was trying to 
code some v3 schema support in pure python (do you remember) but
i never tidied up the code to something really useable. (nobody
ever tried my code to... *grin*)

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