ANNC and query: ldapmodule-1.10a3-patched RPMs available

David Leonard david.leonard at
Wed May 9 03:01:44 CEST 2001

>   (in either redhat6.2/RPMS or the like you
> find it)

ok to link to this from the 'download' page?

I've used swig before, and ended up writing such python-specific code
that swig was becoming a nusiance. You may have different experience,
or maybe swig has gotten better.

the point of using swig is to make it accessible in more scripting languages
than just python.. which is admittedly a nice thing. it means that more
thought has to be put into the api.

> Is python-ldap basically abandon-ware at this point? Being in "a3" for
> about a year is pretty "abandoned" to me.

yes its pretty close to abandonware :)
with openldap2 a rewrite is a good idea. i personally just don't have
much time nor motivation to do it all again. that's why its in sourceforge :)

the other thing that i do not track, but that stroeder seems to, is what
o-o apis are emerging for ldap. there is the java-ldap ietf draft, there
is also perl's (ugly imho).

i feel its important to discuss how you'd like to see yourself interacting
with ldap through python. there have been some past emails containing my
suggestions and fog has some work towards a high level X.500 interface
for python.

on the other hand, just getting something to work with openldap2 via swig
would make progress and maybe that's all that you and other people
really need?

go for it.


On Tue, 8 May 2001, Joe Little typed thusly:

> Well, OpenLDAP feature sets do trully need to be supported, since I'll
> be managing certificates and require TLS and such. Lovely that. So I
> will either need to figure out how to fix python-ldap for modern ldap
> libraries (OpenLDAP, mozilla, etc), or redo it completely. Again the
> SWIG approach may be necessary. What are list member preferences at this
> stage. I was not utterly thrilled when I glanced at the current code
> base. Associated with the swig approach, I may only need specific
> functions to access LDAP and thus need only build a new simplified API
> that hides c-specific calls to do the rest.

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