ANNC and query: ldapmodule-1.10a3-patched RPMs available

Joe Little jlittle at
Wed May 9 17:56:32 CEST 2001

Yes, Open-IT would "love" help :)

BTW -- I'm new to the list and not entirely interested in doing work 
already done by others. I'm not complaining.. just trying to gauge 
current level of functionality and interest. First, let me state that

a) Open-IT, if it does port something or create something, it will be 
maintained by the group.. all our other software kinda depends on it :)

b) check out
-- Ryan did this work for me back in the OpenLDAP 1.x days. It was an EO 
adaptor for WebObjects which is more similar to Zope than not. 
NeXT/Apple didn't think the abstraction necessary to treat an LDAP 
server as a DB for its enterprise objects was possible, so we stupidly 
tried and succeeded. They have since made a commercial version based on 
Ryan's ideas for WebObjects. The key thing was the OO level abstraction 
that was obtained to allow the GUI kit to work. Python-LDAP may be 
suitable to fit this role. But "unmaintained" code is not. I'd either 
need to be assured its maintained or maintain something, the current 
stuff or something new, myself. I just wish an LDAP module was standard 
to Python and/or Zope. Its kind of odd that there isn't one. I may need 
to use SWIG, use the current code, or model connectivity after ZyDB 
style modules (again, it can be done!).

You ask for feature requirements? Since we plan on working on OpenLDAP 
backends (transactions, etc), we need specifically to support v3 schema, 
OpenLDAP v2 ACLs, StartTLS, among others to name a few. I have myself 
put together and "maintain" RPMs for Python-LDAP w/ the patches to work 
against OpenLDAP v2.

David Leonard... I had a nice reply to your last message all written up 
when I experienced my first MacOSX "desktop" crash... apparently the 
internet radio station I was listening to wedged up and there went my 
interface for whatever reason. Most of my long ranting is in the above 
details. People may hate pine, but its disaster-recovery for lost 
sessions would be a nice feature in ALL mailers.


On Wednesday, May 9, 2001, at 05:11  AM, Jens Vagelpohl wrote:

> joe,
> i am "hell-bent" on using Zope for managing records in OpenLDAP (or 
> other
> LDAP servers for that matter) myself. at this point i have released the
> LDAPLoginAdapter and LDAPUserManager (see
> for authenticating and managing user
> records in Zope but i am thinking about a more generic LDAP record
> management application.
> if you would like help (on the zope side, i'm no C programmer ;),
> suggestions, beta testers, etc let me know.
> jens
> Jens Vagelpohl
> Digital Creations
> The Zope Dealers
> On 5/8/01 19:22, "Joe Little" <jlittle at> wrote:
>> So, I put together python-ldap RPMs/SRPMs for redhat 6.2 and 7.0 to go
>> with my OpenLDAP 2.0.x RPMs on these include the patches
>> spoken of before to support OpenLDAP 2.x.
>>   (in either redhat6.2/RPMS or the like you
>> find it)
>> This was done a while ago when I was doing some python-scripts against
>> an LDAP tree (November). I'm now hell bent on using Zope to manage
>> openldap, samba-tng, and other components necessary for Open-IT's 
>> goals.
>> Well, OpenLDAP feature sets do trully need to be supported, since I'll
>> be managing certificates and require TLS and such. Lovely that. So I
>> will either need to figure out how to fix python-ldap for modern ldap
>> libraries (OpenLDAP, mozilla, etc), or redo it completely. Again the
>> SWIG approach may be necessary. What are list member preferences at 
>> this
>> stage. I was not utterly thrilled when I glanced at the current code
>> base. Associated with the swig approach, I may only need specific
>> functions to access LDAP and thus need only build a new simplified API
>> that hides c-specific calls to do the rest.
>> Is python-ldap basically abandon-ware at this point? Being in "a3" for
>> about a year is pretty "abandoned" to me.
>> Just trolling through the list via ZopeLDAP links and realized that I
>> never did post my RPMs...

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