ANNC and query: ldapmodule-1.10a3-patched RPMs available

Jens Vagelpohl jens at
Wed May 9 14:11:09 CEST 2001


i am "hell-bent" on using Zope for managing records in OpenLDAP (or other
LDAP servers for that matter) myself. at this point i have released the
LDAPLoginAdapter and LDAPUserManager (see for authenticating and managing user
records in Zope but i am thinking about a more generic LDAP record
management application.

if you would like help (on the zope side, i'm no C programmer ;),
suggestions, beta testers, etc let me know.


Jens Vagelpohl
Digital Creations
The Zope Dealers

On 5/8/01 19:22, "Joe Little" <jlittle at> wrote:

> So, I put together python-ldap RPMs/SRPMs for redhat 6.2 and 7.0 to go
> with my OpenLDAP 2.0.x RPMs on these include the patches
> spoken of before to support OpenLDAP 2.x.
>   (in either redhat6.2/RPMS or the like you
> find it)
> This was done a while ago when I was doing some python-scripts against
> an LDAP tree (November). I'm now hell bent on using Zope to manage
> openldap, samba-tng, and other components necessary for Open-IT's goals.
> Well, OpenLDAP feature sets do trully need to be supported, since I'll
> be managing certificates and require TLS and such. Lovely that. So I
> will either need to figure out how to fix python-ldap for modern ldap
> libraries (OpenLDAP, mozilla, etc), or redo it completely. Again the
> SWIG approach may be necessary. What are list member preferences at this
> stage. I was not utterly thrilled when I glanced at the current code
> base. Associated with the swig approach, I may only need specific
> functions to access LDAP and thus need only build a new simplified API
> that hides c-specific calls to do the rest.
> Is python-ldap basically abandon-ware at this point? Being in "a3" for
> about a year is pretty "abandoned" to me.
> Just trolling through the list via ZopeLDAP links and realized that I
> never did post my RPMs...

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