David Leonard david.leonard at csee.uq.edu.au
Sat May 12 14:04:25 CEST 2001


I have committed two files (setup.py and setup.cfg) into CVS.

this is because I want to use Python's distutils package for
distributing future python-ldap modules.
distutils should make it easier to build binary distributions that
do the right thing when installing. much less hassle to build releases.

(people who add new stuff to CVS may also have to edit setup.py now!)

So, to build python-ldap in the new way, simply type

	python setup.py build

You may need to edit setup.cfg first. Full documentation for distutils is
on the python web site.

fortunately, (or unfortunately depending on how you look at it) there is
no support in distutils for autodetecting features about the ldap library.

i plan to
	* move towards just supporting OpenLDAP 2, and
	* delete all the gnu autoconf gunk

If someone wants to support mozilla's or solaris' library etc
they should speak up now and be willing to help add support. (email me now!)

for this contingency, I have created rough, manual descriptions of what
#defines etc to enable when OpenLDAP2 is selected. By default, openldap is
selected in setup.cfg, which is a file that looks like this:
	class = OpenLDAP2

perhaps in the future, python programs will be able to check what library
is being used by doing something with it; e.g.:

	if _ldap.libclass == "OpenLDAP2":

your comments?

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