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David Leonard david.leonard at
Fri May 25 02:10:27 CEST 2001

On Thu, 24 May 2001, Joe Little typed thusly:

> Does anyone out there have original copies of these? The mailing list
> softwre did a good munge job on it.

choose the 'Print' option at the top of the web page. you'll get a 'raw'
version of the message which you can save to a file, or pipe straight into
patch if you're keen.

> To quickly answer your last message, the package did not use the
> component. I'm using hte non-CVS version of 1.10a3. Should ther be another
> "release" this stage just to seperate things? Maybe a4 or b1?

mmmm, release... everyone is eager to do an interim release.
I think 1.10 could be "released" by just renaming 1.10a3 to 1.10 :)

1.11 can also appear soon. it just needs a little more removing of
non-openldapisms testing and then packaging.

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