compiling against OpenLDAP 2.0.11

Jens Vagelpohl jens at
Fri Jun 15 17:52:45 CEST 2001


> well, the patches are now a part of my RPM at (Thanks to 
> Michael and Konstantin). I haven't been able to get an unpatched version 
> to compile either. David has his own tree which he indicated does compile 
> against 2.x, but I am unsure if/when that may be added to the main tree. 
> Some people like to stick w. 1.x for stability and completeness, others 
> just want 2.0. :)

unfortunately, RPM is of no help to me. i am trying to set it up so i can 
do development work on the Zope LDAPLoginAdapter and LDAPUserManager on my 
OS X-based powerbook while i'm abroad. i would need patches for the source,
  i already got OpenLDAP 2.0.11 running successfully.

and no, this is not a combo i would use for "production", it's just so i 
can work away from my development servers ;)

> Separately, email me directly. I've been playing around with ZopeLDAP and 
> jshell hasn't answered back. Maybe you can clue me in to the status of 
> all things LDAP in regards to Zope. (I'm most interested in documentation 
> of current ZClass integration, etc)

ZopeLDAP development has pretty much ended. jeffrey hasn't worked on it in 
a while and us unwilling (and has no time) to continue it. if i had time i 
would consider keeping it alive, but at this point i really don't.

there is a couple other LDAP products for zope that i know of:

- LDAPLoginAdapter: my own product. active development, will be combined 
with the LDAPUserManager into a single LDAPUserFolder product at some point

- LDAPUserManager: my own product. active development, will be combined 
with the LDAPLoginAdapter into a single LDAPUserFolder at some point

- LDAPAdapter: ross lazarus' and soren roug's LDAP-based user folder. i 
think development has pretty much ended.

i do not know about any ZClass integration. i personally do not use 
ZClasses at all, only file system-based python products.


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