compiling against OpenLDAP 2.0.11

(::) Bob Ippolito bob at
Sun Jun 17 12:03:33 CEST 2001

Quoting Michael Ströder <michael at>:

> David Leonard wrote:
> > 
> > the current status of the development tree seems to be:
> >         * removing autoconf, in favour of python's distutils
> >           (which is weaker at detecting what is there but slightly
> more
> >            configurable and supposedly easier to build distributions
> with)
> >         * supporting OpenLDAP 2.* (but dropping support for earlier 
> >           versions)
> I have to say that I'm feeling *very* unhappy about the current
> situation. I have absolutely no clue what to tell my users about how
> to install python-ldap.

Are you paying for the development of python-ldap?  Don't whine, it doesn't 
encourage people to give you stuff.  I feel sorry for "your users".  Anyways, 
dropping support for old APIs isn't a terrible idea, people don't change APIs 
because it's fun, they typically do it for a pretty good reason.

> - There's no proper stable release since months although the CVS
> tree was pretty stable until a few weeks ago. I suggested to make a
> release before tinkering with the CVS version several times...

checkout an older version.  what do you think cvs is for?

> - It's completely unclear what the status of the current CVS tree
> is. Who really knows?

I just managed to compile it and have it working with python 2.1 and openldap 
2.0.x.. all I had to do was make a change in to make it use normal 
dicts instead.  hasn't crashed yet (but i admit I've only been using it for 
like 10 hours, and never doing more than one search per connection).

> - There were no on-list announcements about changes to the CVS tree
> but maybe there were significant changes. Who knows?
> - People ask for building against OpenLDAP 2.0.x libs without having
> enough knowledge about the differences of the APIs.
> - Undocumented OpenLDAP 2.0.x-related patches are floating around
> which actually break existing python-ldap applications.
> I'd really prefer a stable version which builds against OpenLDAP
> 1.2.x, works rock-solid without memory leaks, do not core-dump and
> behaves as documented instead of OpenLDAP 2.0.x-patched version
> which break code and do not have any additional benefits.

so checkout an older version that you recall working well and fix the bugs 
yourself..  create your own python-ldap branch

> I'm seriously considering switching to another LDAP programming
> platform.

so do it, perl has a decent and working interface last I used it.  but be 
productive, whining is *not* productive.

(::) bob

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