compiling against OpenLDAP 2.0.11

David Leonard david.leonard at
Sun Jun 17 13:16:48 CEST 2001

sorry, michael :( it just takes too much time to get all this stuff
organised and done. for me its usually a bit of tinkering on weekends when
i get some time.

truthfully, i'm hoping for someone to step up and say "I'm doing all
this good work that would fit well into python-ldap, I'm incorporating it,
and have time and resources to do a comprehensive release. Give me commit
access." (anyone?)

in my situation, i don't seriously use ldap at all any more, which
is a big problem since I still want to help keep things going. i
can detect some talented and interested people on the list who may
want to do the dedicated work on this - but I can't force them
to..  that's how this open source game seems to work: it's pretty
much supply-driven.

> - It's completely unclear what the status of the current CVS tree
> is. Who really knows?
> - There were no on-list announcements about changes to the CVS tree
> but maybe there were significant changes. Who knows?

perhaps a read-only mailing list <python-ldap-cvs> that receives
emails on commits?  i've found that works pretty good. sf docs don't
mention anything about how to do it simply though...

i may as well commit everything I have in my tree now.. it seems to
be working for openldap2.0.7 and python2.1.. i thought the current
tree was stable, but if its not, then i'll put in what i have and
think is.

> - People ask for building against OpenLDAP 2.0.x libs without having
> enough knowledge about the differences of the APIs.
> - Undocumented OpenLDAP 2.0.x-related patches are floating around
> which actually break existing python-ldap applications.

> I'd really prefer a stable version which builds against OpenLDAP
> 1.2.x, works rock-solid without memory leaks, do not core-dump and

um, why is openldap 1.2.x support still needed?

> behaves as documented instead of OpenLDAP 2.0.x-patched version
> which break code and do not have any additional benefits.

if you want to create a cvs branch of the last release and incorporate
the various patches etc, and build releases on compile.sf, please feel
free to do so. you can find some of my attempts and maybe some
helpful notes in ~leonard/.

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