compiling against OpenLDAP 2.0.11

Konstantin Chuguev Konstantin.Chuguev at
Thu Jul 12 11:22:06 CEST 2001

Michael Ströder wrote:

> David, take care of your PhD-ing and please let me test Konstantin's
> patches first. ;-)

Agree, I'm also going to test them, although just in a few

> > I'll prepare another patch for python-ldap/Doc/libldap.tex.
> Urrgs. I think I should at least publish a "python sdist"
> of recent snapshot to make a 1.11 distribution before the commits.
> Comments?

As I can see, the current version from CVS hasn't got new features for a
long time, just bug fixes. So, it's a good candidate for a release.
After that, we could add OpenLDAPv2 functionality to the currnet branch
of the repository.


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