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Konstantin Chuguev Konstantin.Chuguev at dante.org.uk
Mon Jul 23 12:24:32 CEST 2001

Hi All,

I think there's no point to postpone introduction of the OpenLDAPv1 branch
in the CVS. I can do that, I just need an approval from one of the project
The proposed name is openldap_1_branch. It will be made on both python-ldap
and htdocs directories.
After that we could just reflect branching in htdocs/faq.shtml (or
somewhere else) and then update the latter in the current branch to reflect
LDAPv3/OpenLDAPv2 support (after submitting the corresponding patches, of
course :-)

Any objections?

A small question: there are HTML links to files in htdocs/doc/ directory
from htdocs/docs.shtml file, while there's no such directory. Why?


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