Some questions (status,SSL,Unicode)

Michael Ströder michael at
Thu Nov 8 15:15:57 CET 2001

Jacek Konieczny wrote:
> 1. Is the project alive?

See item 1 on ;-).

> 2. What about SSL/TLS/STARTTLS support? I realy need encrypted
> connection to LDAP server.

Patches for using StartTLS were provided but not landed in CVS yet.
Also the implementation was somewhat incomplete since it lacks
support for setting up a local SSL context (trusted root CA certs,
CRL handling etc.).

> 3. What about Unicode? All strings with non-ascii characters are
> encoded as Unicode in a directory and returned as UTF-8 from LDAP
> search. It seems reasonable to store them as Unicode objects in python,
> but It would require python-ldap to know some details about schema.
> I think python-ldap should be just simple interface to LDAP, and the
> application should be responsible for interpreting the results.

Yes. The low-level C wrapper module in python-ldap should not handle
Unicode objects. It should pass strings not knowing if these are
text strings or binary blobs.

> If it is necessery I can help with developing python-ldap, as it is very
> important to me.

You're welcome to help.

> I am using Linux with openldap-2.0.18, so I could test
> it only on this platform.

There are various public LDAP servers.

> BTW. My browser is working now, but only supports anonymous browsing of
> LDAP directory and has no editing capabilities.

You might wanna check out to learn more about
what login and editing capabilities mean by looking at existing

Ciao, Michael.

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