Documenting python-ldap

David Leonard david.leonard at
Wed Nov 14 00:43:12 CET 2001

On Tue, 13 Nov 2001, Jacek Konieczny typed thusly:

> Hi,
> I made some basic docstrings for functions I had implemented, but they
> are not perfect. And there is no docs for them in Doc/libldap.tex.
> I don't thing my english is good enough to do the documentation, but
> maybe there is someone here who would like to do this...

It is sufficient at this stage to edit the documentation and write
"To Be Documented" where the documentation should go :) i think your
english is fine

Another approach to documentation is to write simple, commented examples
and leave them in the Demo directory

> The other problem is, that OpenLDAP API has hardly any documentation :-(

yes it seems not to have progressed much since the days of Umich man pages.
Maybe everyone who should be writing documentation is instead making
money by writing books about it? :)

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