Error message when running python-ldap under Zope and Suse

Josef Meile jmeile at
Fri Apr 19 12:54:08 CEST 2002

> is your zope a binary version or the source version?
Actually, I don't know it because it was installed when I started with it.
How can I now it?

> apart from that you cannot expect python 1.5 (which is what your zope is
> running on) to find and use things in the python path of a python 2.1
> installation.
I know it, but there isn't a suse version on the python-ldap's sourceforge
page. So,
where should I get it? Or can I perhaps change the python version?

> P.S.: never trust RPM packages for addons like this because they are
> packaged with a lot of assumptions, like what python to use and where
> things are installed.
Which one should I download?

Thanks for your reply,

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