problems ldap-module on AIX

Jan Idzikowski idzikowski at
Thu May 2 13:27:23 CEST 2002

On Tue, 30 Apr 2002 20:12:37 +0200
Michael Ströder <michael at> wrote:

> Jan Idzikowski wrote:
>  >
>  > i have a problem with the ldap-module on AIX.
> Disclaimer: I have no personal experience on AIX and
> IBM's C compiler.
>  > I use Python-2.1.3 installed thread-safe with the IBM
>  > C-Compiler cc_r and the option -qmaxmem=4000.
> I also have no clue what "Python-2.1.3 installed thread-safe" means.
> But please check the options you chose when compiling Python by 
> issuing the following command in Python's source tree.
> $ ./configure --help
> Some candidates for further examination might be:
>    --without-gcc                   never use gcc
>    --with-signal-module            disable/enable signal module
>    --with(out)-threads[=DIRECTORY] disable/enable thread support
>    --with(out)-thread[=DIRECTORY]  deprecated; use
>                                    --with(out)-threads
>    --with-pth                      use GNU pth threading libraries
>    --with(out)-cycle-gc            disable/enable garbage collection
>    --with(out)-pymalloc            disable/enable specialized mallocs
>    --with-wctype-functions         use wctype.h functions
>    --with-dl-dld=DL_DIR,DLD_DIR    GNU dynamic linking
>    --with-fpectl                   enable SIGFPE catching

i have python install with --without-gcc --with-pymalloc --with-cycle-gc
and make CC="cc_r" OPT="-O -qmaxmem=4000"

and all looks fine, but the python-ldap-modul get a Segmentation fault,
i have use the dbx (aix debugger) and get the output:

Segmentation fault in ldap_search_ext at 0xd10860a8 ($t1)
0xd10860a8 (ldap_search_ext+0x218) 800c0000        lwz   r0,0x0(r12)

greetings jan

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