opening a connection with more than a single server

Jens Vagelpohl jens at
Thu May 2 18:31:33 CEST 2002

> Jens, can you please tell us exactly how the declaration of 
> should look like and how the behaviour should be?
> I've changed the declaration and behaviour according to your inquiry 
> because you complained about an incompatible change (review thread 
> "signature of changed?" started by you).

the declaration of doesn't have anything to do with this as far 
as i know. actually, it now even seems to be supporting two ways to get a 
connection: 'server:port' ) 'server', port )

the only item (for this discussion) that i am looking it is the string 
'host'. i know that under 1.10 i could do.. 'host1 host2 host3' )

assuming they all run on the default port. i'm not interested in 
non-default ports here. if i execute the same on python2.1 and python-ldap 
2.0pre4 i am getting a strange error: ldap.LDAPError: ( 2, 'No such file 
or directory' ).

don't get me wrong, i am not trying to warm over some 
declaration semantics. i'm not even trying to badger anyone into bringing 
back this type of behavior, i'm just curious if that's something that 
would be interesting for others and the package as a whole.

>> It's very likely that David did not know about the space-separated 
>> multiple host feature. I'm not even sure if it was available in OpenLDAP 
>> 1.x or Netscape 3 libs. But he defined the function's 
>> interface and old code might be using it.
> As I understood your former inquiry you relied on this old behaviour of 
> Now you're requesting a change.

this whole deal with the space-separated hosts is nothing i ever relied on 
(because i did not know it even worked at all). it was brought to my 
attention by someone else who had been doing it previously and it failed 
after he upgraded python-ldap.

i appreciate your comments regarding long-lived connections. i'll start 
using it when i have time to do more tinkering.


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