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Igor Stroh stroh at
Mon May 27 13:39:47 CEST 2002

Hi there,

I've got a little problem here with big result sets returned by the
search_s method... my slapd has a sizelimit set to 500 (default
value)... now the thing is, I have about 20.000 entries returned by a
search query and I really need _all_ of them... so is there a
possibility to say 'give me just result[start:offset] records for this
search'? I mean I could increase the sizelimit for the ldap server but
that would affect other applications then my python apps (e.g. GQ)
either which I definitely want to avoid... Also, I could run the query
asynchronously using search() instead of search_s(), but that would
require to rewrite a whole bunch of my apps... Any suggestions?

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