Strange behavior in Python-LDAP 2.0.0pre04

Michael Ströder michael at
Wed Jun 5 15:55:41 CEST 2002

Mauro Cicognini wrote:
> I'd wish to bring to your attention a bizarre thing that I noticed 
> yesterday.
> The documentation, at chapter "LDAP operations", in the 
> description of the result() method, states that
> [...]
> The result() method returns a tuple of the form |(/result-type/, 
> /result-data/)|.
> [...]
> Now, I found that this isn't always true in the current (2.0.0pre04) 
> implementation: in fact, when result() is called with the 'all' 
> parameter set to non-zero (which BTW is the default), it returns just 
> the /result-data/ part.

You're absolutely right.

> I'd like to point out again that calling result() with all=0 would 
> return a tuple as documented, instead.
> Moreover, the 1.x version of PythonLDAP result() worked 'correctly', 
> i.e. exactly as documented in all cases.
> I think it's strange that nobody noticed this so far,

I noticed it and wanted to change it long ago but did not discuss 
that here. Thanks for reminding me about this open issue. I guess 
others didn't notice it since nobody calls result() with all=1. 
Instead others are using e.g. search_s() instead I guess.

I've implemented LDAPObject.result() in ldap.ldapobject which is 
mainly a wrapper around the internal result() method. The original 
result() is never called with all=1. Instead LDAPObject.result() 
handles that internally (also the timeout parameter). The goal was 
to turn all sync API calls into async API calls to avoid having to 
use the module-wide lock too long. (OpenLDAP 2 libs are not 
thread-safe.) The code is somewhat clunky and everybody is invited 
to dig into that.

Ciao, Michael.

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